How To Repair A Macbook Pro 2019 a2141 Not Turning On

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Let’s take a look at the process of fixing a MacBook A2141 that won’t turn on. The customer has confirmed no liquid damage, so we start by checking its power behaviour and find out it’s only showing 5 volts with zero amperage – indicating there might be some kind of power trouble.

I examined the schematics to investigate further into this issue. One particular rail should show 13.1 volts but is displaying just 0.04! This tells us something isn’t right, and our tech carries out resistance measurements which reveal an unusual-looking short circuit (10-ohm) – which needs attention!

After much searching for clues, we finally identified what caused all these problems: It was none other than the TPS62180 chip responsible for powering your SSD drive! It malfunctioned in such a way as to cause severe collateral damage nearby when sending too much voltage downline towards your defenceless Solid State Drive.

Now comes the repair phase itself—replacing that rogue TPS62180 chip seems like an excellent place to begin repairing everything else damaged surrounding said component…

We double-check if PPBUS G3 HOT shorts after removing offending components before putting things back together again; luckily it all checks out ok.

In conclusion, this case study gives you insight into how skilled technicians troubleshoot complex technical issues encountered while carrying out maintenance or repairs on electronic devices such as Apple’s MacBook series—always remember patience coupled with expertise equals successful outcomes being achievable despite initial setbacks experienced along their journey toward finding solutions ultimately helping clients regain full functionality concerning their equipment once more